August - apple time

August - apple time

In August Kyiv received a wonderful gift, new modern art exhibit.

Sculpture "The Apple" is set to Naberezhne highway near the Monument to the Magdeburg Rights and now it adorns the city, thanks to its famous creator Vasyl Tatarskyi and company ALD Automotive.

This is not the first project accomplished under  the patronage activity of ALD Automotive. The staff of the company are high-class specialists who are not only working to improve the company's services, but also constantly are involved in community charity events and social projects. Thus,  ALD Automotive has redecorated and equipped waiting room in the surgical building of children's medical center OHMATDYT. Also, employees of ALD Automotive can be often found among the participants of the charity marathons and races.

At the sculpture inauguration CEO of ALD Automotive Vladimir Pierre Joliot was given an honorable right to cut the red ribbon. Bright, modern, even futuristic creations perfectly complements the fantastic view of the Dnipro slopes. According to the author, sculpture "The Apple" is very allegorical. It refers to the phenomenon of Mobius strip, which in the context of the creation, symbolizes the infinite movement: the movement of city life and its inhabitants. At the same time, it calls to stop the citizens of Kiev and its visitors who are running in the rhythm of a big city and look at our capital through the sculpture lines.

The slopes of the Dnipro, if they look at them through " The Apple",  really look in a new, modern, driving and interesting way. So, apparently, this creation is not just a sculpture but a real installation or phenomenon that gives us a great opportunity to see our everyday life at a new angle. 

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