Аnti-corruption commitments of the company, whistleblowing

This section was made for the purpose of prevention any cases of corruption that could appears in the course of business of ALD Automotive.

ALD Automotive being a part of Societe Generale Group adheres to a unified approach and standards with respect to fight against money laundering and financing of terrorism. ALD Automotive conducts due diligence and properly identifies and verifies its counterparties.

Anti-corruption management is one of the main task of ALD Automotive worldwide, neither on international level, nor on national level. ALD AutomotiveE conducts its business ethically and with compliance with all applicable laws.

ALD Automotive tend to strict following by all its employees, any external partner, any provider with whom ALD Automotive maintains an established commercial relationship (subcontractors or suppliers), anti-corruption laws and internal anti-corruption program. Therefore, we have implemented SG Group Code of Conduct (Ethic), SG Group Sustainable Sourcing Charter and the Code governing the fight against corruption and influence peddling, which are compulsive for all ALD Automotive’s employees.

Download and read SG Group Code of Conduct

Download and read SG Group Sustainable Sourcing Charter


We kindly ask you to inform us about all corruption or fraud incidents, influence peddling that might been connected with ALD Automotive by sending an e-mail to: ua.compliance@aldautomotive.com ALD Automotive guarantees confidentiality of the received messages.

You may also use your whistleblowing right and directly inform Audit and Internal Control Committee (CACI) composed of independent Board members of SG Group by sending an alert via dedicated whistleblowing tool of SG Group – a secure external platform that guarantees the protection of personal data and the strict confidentiality of information.

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