ALD Automotive Ukraine adheres to Société Générale’s core values:

Commitment - Responsibility - Client Orientation - Team Spirit - Innovation


Commitment – we are dedicated to providing our clients with superior products and high-standard services.

Responsibility – we do our best to fulfill our duty in compliance with Group standards in order to satisfy customer needs. 

Client orientation – our focus is on assessing in depth specific situations, client problems and concerns so that we can offer the most efficient and appropriate solutions. 

Team spirit – our working philosophy is built on our conviction to provide better services and support to our clients in a rapidly changing economic and technological environment. Common targets, team interaction and supporting each other within the organization are essential factors of success.

Innovation – we eagerly accept new challenges and rapidly respond to changes in technology by providing our clients with innovative solutions adapted to new technological advances.

Our ambition is to be a mobility partner for corporate clients providing:

  • Protection from financial and operational risks
  • Solutions adapted to local needs
  • Sustainable services, taking into account human, professional, financial, technical and environmental risks
  • Key-in-hand solutions based on sustainable financing and long-term quality commitment to improving our client car fleet TCO
  • Guarantee of no hidden liabilities that could result in disruption of the business activities of our clients
  • Positive impact on our clients' P&L and budget planning



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