Through Full Service Operational Leasing (FSL) we offer full outsourcing solutions to cover all your financial and operational risks related to the exploitation of a car fleet.

With FSL you will be able to concentrate on your core business activity, leaving all the problems and risks related to car fleet management to a leading and reliable specialist.

Moreover, FSL allows you to optimize your TCO and significantly improve the conditions of exploitation of your cars, which results in a positive impact on our clients P&L. This is the standard employed by international companies worldwide, and ALD Automotive is the first company to actively propose and promote it in Ukraine. From a financial point of view, FSL resembles a fixed monthly payment, depending on the make/model of the vehicle, contract duration and mileage. 

How it works:



Find the tailor made solution for your fleet with all the advantages of a Full Operational Leasing contract:

  • Increase of core business productivity and  possibility to employ your staff efficiently in other areas
  • Outsource operational and financial risks
  • ALD Automotive finances the vehicle and its associated services with a guaranteed price to avoid financial loss
  • Full Service Leasing includes the cashless use of all services within the ALD Automotive partner network
  • You benefit from the best negotiated rates and fixed prices from dealers and service providers
  • Decrease of current fleet TCO
  • Exact days and collected monthly statements provide overview and transparency
  • Long-term budgeting
  • Guaranteed mobility via replacement vehicle at your disposal 
  • Guarantied service quality by SLA (Service Lease Agreement)
  • Increased driver satisfaction
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FSL offers a wide range of services included in fixed monthly payments:

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