TCO Analysis

wtb1c-finemanagement-icon Analyze all costs associated with your fleet

    Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) allows you to analyze all costs associated with your company fleet 

        This is the estimation of all direct and indirect costs, together with all cost-related inflation risks related to the exploitation of corporate cars by your company. ALD Automotive will assist in this analysis throughout the life of your contracts.

        TCO analysis includes direct/indirect costs which are quantitative and can be precisely measured and correct cost of inflation risks related to the time and frequency of vehicles exploitation:   

Direct costs:

  • Vehicle financed amount
  • Taxes and registration/deregistration costs
  • Regular maintenance (according to the OEMs recommendations
  • Unplanned repairs
  • Tyres purchase, storage and seasonal changes
  • Insurance
  • Roadside assistance (support, consultancy and interventions – towings) 

Indirect costs – OPEX including salaries and administrative                                                                   surcharges (taxes, rental and equipment costs):

  • Support of drivers and paperwork
  • Management of the relationship with suppliers
  • Control of invoices
  • Accounting
  • Reporting and supervision

Cost-related inflation risks:

  • Inflation in hard currency (imported goods)
  • Inflation in local currency (services and salaries)
  • Inflation of repair costs over time due to the ageing of vehicle and intensity of vehicle usage
  • Inflation due to the instable nature of the Ukrainian economic situation (stress cases)
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